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Greetings Card
Greetings card for Cacharel. Photo: Sarah Moon.
Creation of a logo for Hermès, for the perfume “24, Faubourg”.
Louis Vuitton
Redesign of the flowers for Louis Vuitton, for printing on the bags.
Logo for the sport shoes Springcourt.
Logo for a brand of whisky
Logo for a brand of Japanese whiskey. Blackletter.
Creation of a logo for the French electrical goods company, Calor.
Creation of a monogramme for a design studio specialised in packaging for cosmetics.
Logo for a graphic design bureau.
Section title for a decoration magazine. Cursive lettering.
Branding for a film
Handlettering for a film by David Hamilton. Also used on posters and other promotional material.
Wedding announcement, in a chancellery cursive script executed with a japanese fibre pen.
Logo for a graphic design bureau. Cursive script using a chinese brush.
Masthead for the revue “Arts & Métiers du Livre”. Chancellery script.
Title for a type foundry. Text in copperplate script.
Logo for L’Oréal’s “Fleur à Fleur” perfume.
Personal monogramme for the photographer David Hamilton. Copperplate script.
Logo for an art gallery in Miami, USA.
Title for a special class for the airline Air France.
Section title for a book by the photographer David Hamilton.
Section title
Section title for the french magazine “La Maison de Marie-Claire”.
Title for a poster illustrating the care of Bonsai shrubs. Drawing executed with a chinese paintbrush.
Masthead for a magazine. Drawing is a watercolour using a reed pen.
Section title
Section title for the French revue “Enfants Magazine”.
Title for a book about Calligraphy. Cursive script.
Title for a musical work. Lettering: Textura.
Logotype for the Roland Garros tennis tournament. Used on poster, invitations and promotional material.
Parker Pen advertising campaign, for the Havas advertising agency, imitating the handwriting of famous contemporary French writers.
Letterhead for Onyx Furs, a company creating fur coats in Auckland, New Zealand.
6 pictogrammes: emblem for a political party, a finance company based in London, the petroleum company AGEP, a mixed economy (public/private) real estate company, a range of cosmetic products for Bio Almar, a lebanese restaurant.
Title for an show organised by a dry-transfert lettering manufacturer.
Creation of a monumental glass wall for the Hotel Saint James, London.
Executed by:
ALTO Signalétique.
Creation of a monumental glass wall for the Hotel Saint James, London. Detail.
Executed by:
ALTO Signalétique.


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