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Claude Mediavilla, was born in the South of France into a family of Spanish origin. From 1965 to 1971, he studied calligraphy, paleography and painting at the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse, France. He became a teacher at the Fine Art School [École des Beaux-Arts] in Paris, France, in 1976. During all his career he has continued teaching to students of all nationalities — the School of Decorative Arts [École des Arts Décoratifs] in Paris, France, 1987; the University for the Arts, Hamburg, Germany, 1999; the University for the Arts, Busan, Korea, 2002 — and has participated in courses and conferences in France and abroad (USA, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany…).

In 1975 he opened his own design studio in Paris, executing works of typography and calligraphy for advertising agencies, official organisations, and private companies. The French Presidency, different embassies and foreign ministries — for countries like Germany, Japan, the USA, or Italy — have called on his services for the execution of works of prestige.

The spearhead of the calligraphic renaissance in France, he is the author of numerous articles and books that have found their place as references, both for the professional and the amateur.

Claude Mediavilla, whose virtuosity goes beyond just western calligraphy, is often considered the most talented of contemporary French calligraphers. Today, he has a worldwide reputation, and received the Prix Charles Peignot in 1982.

Besides his considerable contribution to the body of knowledge concerning the art of calligraphy, Claude Mediavilla’s is also known for the original light he brought to bear on the relationship between calligraphy and abstract art. This original approach can be found in his original paintings and works that are regularly exhibited around the world.


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